2018 Steering Committee member – Ryan Weston

1. How did you get to Greenville? My wife and I moved to Greenville because of a job opportunity with Young Life. We had a list of 15 things we decided would make it worth it, and we instantly recognized 13 of the 15 things we were looking for in our visits to Greenville.

2. Where is your favorite breakfast/coffee spot in Greenville? Smashed Waffles

3. Where is your favorite lunch spot in Greenville? Publix Deli or Villa Verde

4. Where is your favorite dinner spot in Greenville? Villedge or Outback Steakhouse

5. What are your top three things to do in Greenville? Play basketball with friends, take my dog on the trails and relax in the back yard with friends and food.

6. What is your favorite festival in Greenville? Does Smashed Waffles have a waffle festival yet?

7. What is your favorite park in Greenville and why? North Rec Campus because it is always so beautiful out there and there are lots of fun activities and fields to use.

8. How do you give back to Greenville? I coach a rec ball team, support local ministries and have joined the YP Steering Committee.

9. What is one thing you would like to see come to Greenville? Trader Joes

10. How can Greenville be improved? Bigger airport, coordinate the timing of lights on Greenville Blvd.

11. How did you hear about the Young Professionals of Pitt County? Heath Bowman invited me to an event

12. Why did you join the Young Professionals of Pitt County? I saw my new role with Family Heritage (working in a B2B model) and my past experience with fundraising could serve the board.

13. What is your favorite part of YP? I am a huge supporter of building a community and being proud of it. I believe that Greenville is a great place to raise a family and it is all of our responsibility to protect and grow it by joining organizations like this.

14. What is your favorite YP event and why? It’s too soon to tell. I’ve only been to a few, but they have been fun.

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