Member Spotlight for July- Jennifer Guzman

1. How did you get to Greenville?

I transferred to ECU to study interior design.

2. Where is your favorite breakfast/coffee spot in Greenville?

I love the Scullery!

3. Where is your favorite lunch spot in Greenville?

La Rancherita is sooo good!

4. Where is your favorite dinner spot in Greenville?

My favorite dinner spot would have to be Logan’s Roadhouse.

5. What are your top three things to do in Greenville?

Shopping, trying out new restaurants, and exploring Uptown Greenville!

6. What is your favorite festival in Greenville?


7. What is your favorite park in Greenville and why?

My favorite park would be the dog park! I love taking my dog on walks.

8. How do you give back to Greenville?

I love supporting new small businesses! Especially food related ones


9. What is one thing you would like to see come to Greenville?

More places to hang out with friends and family.

10. How can Greenville be improved?

Allow more opportunities for Greenville residents!

11. How did you hear about the Young Professionals

of Pitt County?

Through my job at Bostic Sugg Furniture.

12. Why did you join the Young Professionals of Pitt County?

To connect with more people my age.

13. What is your favorite part of YP?

Being able to network and connect with other young professionals in Pitt County.

14. What is your favorite YP event and why?

I have not had the chance to attend a YP event yet due to the pandemic and being super busy at work. I look forward to

attending one soon!