Member Spotlight for May- Monica Menon

YP Member Spotlight- Monica Menon from Vidant

1. How did you get to Greenville?

I started an administrative fellowship at Vidant Medical Center.

2. Where is your favorite breakfast/coffee spot in Greenville?

I love coastal fog! Great breakfast options and coffee!
3. Where is your favorite lunch spot in Greenville?
I love La Rancherita’s tacos!

4. Where is your favorite dinner spot in Greenville?
I love ford and shep! Their dishes are so unique.

5. What are your top three things to do in Greenville?
I love to go to the greenway, check out the breweries, and hang outside!

6. What is your favorite festival in Greenville?
The food truck festival is one of my favorites!

7. What is your favorite park in Greenville and why?
I love the town commons and the Brody duck pond! They are both so scenic and pretty!

8. How do you give back to Greenville?
Various volunteer opportunities Vidant and YPP offers.

9. What is one thing you would like to see come to Greenville?
New restaurants are always a plus!

10. How can Greenville be improved?
More socializing opportunities would make the young professional community closer.

11. How did you hear about the Young Professionals of Pitt County
The fellowship manager, Adam, is on the committee.

12. Why did you join the Young Professionals of Pitt County?
I wanted to network with more people since I moved from Pittsburgh and give back to the community.
13. What is your favorite part of YP?
The friends I have made through YP.

14. What is your favorite YP event and why?
The ECU basketball was fun and got to socialize while watching one of my favorite sports!