Member Spotlight- Susan Bucci

We are a little behind in spotlighting our members.  In October, we learned more about Susan Bucci, Painted Peacock.

1. How did you get to Greenville? I came to Greenville to complete my MFA in Metalsmithing and Jewelry Design. I had no intention of staying after graduation, but quickly fell in love with Greenville and now have no intention of leaving!
2. Where is your favorite breakfast/coffee spot in Greenville? One of my absolute favorites is Fresh Vibes for breakfast. I don’t drink coffee, but I sure do love the smell of it!
3. Where is your favorite lunch spot in Greenville? Great Harvest is our go-to spot for lunch. Love the food and the people!
4. Where is your favorite dinner spot in Greenville? This is tough! There are so many great spots! If I had to pick just one, I would say Osaka.
5. What are your top three things to do in Greenville? Axe throwing at Stumpy’s has become a new favorite! I also love taking my daughter to any of the amazing parks in Greenville or shopping around town.
6. What is your favorite festival in Greenville? The Youth Art’s Festival is an amazing opportunity to learn about all the different arts offered in the city and how to get children exposed early.
7. What is your favorite park in Greenville and why? As my daughter calls it, the Green Park (Town Commons) is our favorite.
8. How do you give back to Greenville? I try to help volunteer in any way I can across the city and through donating to various charities and fundraisers. I am also involved in the Greenville Women’s League which is a service based organization that helps the community in any way we possibly can!
9. What is one thing you would like to see come to Greenville? I would love to see our mall grow and flourish with more businesses.
10. How can Greenville be improved? Greenville is headed in the right direction already! Keep supporting small businesses and industry, keep the jobs, and keep the people!
11. How did you hear about the Young Professionals of Pitt County? facebook
12. Why did you join the Young Professionals of Pitt County? I wanted to meet new people and connect at a professional and personal level.
13. What is your favorite part of YP? I love how tight the YP community is. Once you make that connection, they will be there to support and help you in any way possible.
14. What is your favorite YP event and why? Rise and Syp. I’m a morning person and I love starting my day talking with great people!