Young Professionals launch whYPitt video and campaign

The Young Professionals of Pitt County organization is excited to roll out a new campaign and video as a way to highlight the great reasons our community loves Pitt County.  The video, launched on February 15, 2018, features Young Professionals (YP) members, community leaders and Pitt County residents spelling out in a few words the reason they love and choose Pitt County as their place to live, work and play. This marks a yearly initiative the group will focus on in 2018, having business leaders speak to YP’s on why they choose Pitt County for their home and place of business, as well as a mentor program, where YP members connect with ECU students, young graduates or new residents to help connect them in the community, as they strive to help change the face of recruiting and retaining young talent.

Designed and edited by Karin Fullington, videographer for Greenville Utilities Commission, the video will allow local businesses, recruiters and community organizations to link the film to their social media accounts, websites and emails, with the goal of showcasing Pitt County and its landmarks, hidden gems and community favorites from the perspective of our own residents. The film is also edited for shorter versions for TV and commercial use. Photos from the filming were taken by Thomas Gaskill of 85 Films for promotional use throughout the year.

“The “Why Pitt?” campaign is a way to tell our story as a community of young professionals who choose to live here in Pitt County,” said Heath Bowman, Chairman of the Young Professionals of Pitt County. “Every young person has a choice to make at some point in their career as to where they are going to live, work and play. Those of us who have made our home here don’t feel as if we’ve settled for something less when we have done so; we made this choice because we love the community and what it stands for. We believe in what this community can become. The “Why Pitt?” campaign gives each citizen of Pitt County – young or old – a voice to tell their story in their own unique way. My hope for the “Why Pitt” campaign is that the #ChoosePitt stories and posts that are told through it will inspire fellow young leaders across our community to make Pitt County their home, and that they will take pride in their decision to do so.”

The full length video can be found online at:  whYPitt video.

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